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Water Damage Baltimore
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Baltimore Water Damage Restoration

Make no mistake – water damage and mold damage are emergency situations. Contact Water Damage Baltimore, the expert water damage company you can rely on. We are here for you 24/7, with emergency response technicians at your service to clean and repair your building. Don’t take any unnecessary chances with your property or your health. Call us today and we will perform a fast, free inspection of your water damaged site.

Restoration 24/7 of Baltimore

Water has the potential to become a serious hazard. Unwanted water may appear in your building through natural causes due to severe weather conditions or manmade causes like sewage backups or burst pipes. However it gets into your property, it’s bad news. Because it is soundless and odorless, water can spread unnoticed through your building, damaging the structure and any furniture, carpeting, equipment or other possessions it touches. Untreated water damage is capable of causing heavy losses and harming the health of people around you.

The good news is that Water Damage Baltimore is here and ready to serve you. We are expert and experienced – a double barreled combination that makes us the best there is at solving any kind of water damage problem.

Our efficient approach to solving your water damage problems moves through a logical step by step process. It begins with an emergency inspection of your premises, free of charge, where we track down the cause of the unwanted water. This permits us to eliminate the source, inhibiting any further water penetration, before we clean up the water and repair its effects. After removing all excess water and moisture, we use special equipment to dehumidify, remove mold or mildew, disinfect and deodorize. Once the site is completely dry and healthful, we repair and restore your property to a state that is good as new.

Call Water Damage Baltimore now. We are open to serve you 24 hours a day – weekends and holidays included – with emergency response personnel always on hand to assist you. We are the reliable, expert water damage service and our customers’ peace of mind is our priority.

Our services

  • Carpet Drying & MoreCarpet Drying & More
  • Basement DryingBasement Drying
  • Flood Damage RestorationFlood Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Clean UpsSewage Clean Ups
  • Water Damage RestorationWater Damage Restoration
  • Water ExtractionWater Extraction
Hassle Free, Licensed & Insured !Call now(443) 541-4777(443) 541-4777

Flood & Water Damage Repair

  • Water Damage Repair – Our free inspection service is the key to diagnosing the source of your water damage. This allows us to eliminate the cause and thoroughly repair all water damage to your premises.
  • Water Damage Drying – Removal of all standing water is the first step. Then we follow up with water extraction, injection drying and dehumidification for thorough water damage drying.
  • Pack Out Services – As long as they remain in the path of the water damage, your belongings are at risk. We carefully pack them for temporary removal to a secure storage facility.
  • Sewage Cleanup – Sewage damage typically involves sky high repair bills and severe health risks. We help you to minimize these potential problems by cleaning and repairing fast and efficiently. Special attention is paid to disinfection and odor removal.
  • Insurance Approval – Many major insurance providers list our firm as an Insurance Approved Vendor and will accept direct billing for our services.

Mold Removal & Testing

  • Free Mold Inspection – Make sure that your building is wholesome and safe for all its occupants. We perform free mold inspection on request.
  • Mold Testing – Mold testing uses scientific equipment to check in depth for mold, spores or mildew.
  • Air Quality Testing – Have the air in your building tested to make sure it is healthful for all occupants.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

  • Sewage Removal – We remove all liquid and solid waste for safe disposal.
  • Cleanup and Disinfection – We scrupulously clean, removing all dangerous bacteria, odors and traces of sewage.
  • Dry Out and Repairs – Our thorough drying is followed by complete restoration.